Midas Betting Software New Version Update

Recently we have updated the software to include some new features for 2015. I just want to quickly explain what we’ve improved and why.

1). Selections no longer need filtering to remove races which show 2 or more selections in a race.

We’ve done this to save you time, you don’t need to filter out the races which don’t give you a clear selection to bet on anymore, its done for you. That said you may want multiple selections
if you are dutching the race, which in my experience can work if you know what you are doing. In this case look at the settings panel and untick the “max selections per race” box

2). Selections are listed in time order and distance, race type and number of runners is now given

It’s obviously easier for users if the races are in time order so we’ve sorted this and also give some more details on distance, race type and number of runners. This is to help users with filters
and creating their own variations on systems. E.g. you might notice you are getting most winners with races with 10 or less runners, you can now monitor this in your spreadsheets.

3). Time 1 odds available as Forecast, Betfair 9AM, William Hill 9AM odds

This is quite a big improvement and is really useful for creating your own variations on our systems. You can now monitor odds prices compared to what they were on betfair or william hill
at 9AM. This will help you to find steamers as well as locate value in drifters in a way that wasn’t previously possible. You can find this option on the Time 1 Odds box on the settings. 

4). Software now works on iphone and ipad

There was a bug on the software causing issues with apple mobile products, the software can now be used on desktop, mobile or tablet.

5). Race Type Filter Improved

This now lets you select multiple race types rather than just 1 type. Simply press ctrl and click to select more than one type e.g. Maiden and Handicap. 

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12 thoughts on “Midas Betting Software New Version Update”

      • Hey Steve, this is great. I would love to chat more about some other possible updates to the new software soon, thanks!

  1. Do you have any insight from past data that would suggest the software works better for certain “types” of races, or on certain tracks, or certain times of day, or any other simple criteria to help cut down on bet volume and increase ROI. I don’t like making over a dozen bets everyday ya know , thanks 🙂

    • Hi Josh,

      possibly betting 2/1 – 8/1 will cut down bets whilst not hitting profits too hard.

      Thanks, Steve

    • Hi,

      Sure, have you read instructions? bettingbots.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/MidasMethodBettingSoftwareInstructions.pdf

  2. i was a bit sceptical about joining but so far just paper trading done well well would of lol,seem a lot of logic in what steve g,say’s about betting also read the 2.00 version that i did do one or two bets on the bonus system and true with what he said about looking at trainers comment’s all in all if this keeps up for the moth then i wlii be life long supporter of this system it just add’s to my other betting just nicely i want to do this ful;l time and am on the way to this ,so thanks steve,g but might also help to have a live forum for people to chat about their selections as the day progresses ,all in all,i’m happy with this makes a change on these systems lol

  3. Why don’t you add review to possible chances for each horse as sort of summary? Something similar to Racing Post!

    • Hi Desmond, while that would be great we simply don’t have the resources to cope with such a task. The racing post is an excellent resource and already does this very well. Although following them blindly will lead to a loss, I would take notice of the spotlight naps which are usually fairly accurate.

      Thanks, Steve

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