Midas Before Racing Results November Analysis

Hi All,

I’ve been looking through November results to see if any patterns are emerging to pinpoint the best areas to profit using the before racing system.

As previously reported in the last post the bets under odds of 2.0 are consistently profitable. Once again clearing a profit of 5.15 points in November.

This figure is somewhat dwarfed by the overall results of 74.75 points profit recorded, but I still maintain this is a great technique to minimise bets, keep your strike
rate high and the profits consistent.

Out of the other odds bands I found that betting at odds of 2.0 – 3.0 produced a small loss of -3.295 points, as did 4-5 and 5-6. All other ranges where
profitable as you can see in the table below:

Odds Range Points Profit
Below 2.0 5.15
2-3 -3.295
3-4 21.1
4-5 -8.2
5-6 -0.8
7-8 6.2
8-9 14.1
10+ 23

The overall impression I get from these results is that betting at odds of 4-6 is the weak spot. So to maximise our profitsĀ our best option would be to bet at below 4.0 (3/1) and over 7.0 (6/1).

Of course things change month to month, but hopefully this gives you some information to help with the odds filter option. You can of course simply bet all bets as well!

To view the results this analysis is based on click here

Thanks for reading, Steve