Midas Before Racing System High Strike Rate Filter

Hi All,

I’ve had a few emails from people asking for help with filtering down the before racing system selections so the strike rate/profitability is improved.

The simplest filter to apply is one that limits the odds threshold, this will cut down the amount of selections that need placing and if you focus on my
suggestion below, no doubt your profits will improve. 

IMPORTANT: This advice is for the Before Racing System, not LIVE System. Selections should be taken around midday or 15 mins before first race off.

Odds Below Evens System:

Simply filter the selections to only give you bets below evens (2.0) you should find you get 0-2 selections a day. This month to date is showing
a 77% Win Rate on these bets. 

This is a great system if you like to win a lot, you’ll be betting odds-on so the profit margins are small, but it has proved profitable over September,
October and so far in November.

Paper trade of course till your comfortable with the risk level, but given the high win rate, you can afford to bet at max stakes on these types of bet (10 points to a 100 point betting bank)

Hope you find this information useful!

Thanks, Steve


Update 7th November 2014 . Today produces 2/2 winners for this system. bet details below:

Horse Venue Time Init Odds Cur Odds Changes %
Master Dee Musselburgh 13:30 1.73 1.4 -45.2055
Rock The Kasbah Fontwell 13:10 2.63 1.53 -67.4847