Updated Version of Software – Selections

Hi All,

We’ve had a few suggestions that having to click through all the races to get the selections to appear is not desirable. 

In light of this we have updated the software so the selections generate automatically on the system you are clicked
on. Full Selections take around 2 minutes to load, so please be patient.

This should also assist iphone/ipad users to receive all selections for before racing system.

Earlier in the week on Monday we had some site issues, as too much strain was being placed on the server,
this issue has also been resolved.

Should you have any more suggestions/concerns about the software, please get in touch we are happy to

Thanks, Steve

4 thoughts on “Updated Version of Software – Selections”

  1. Hi.
    Can I request that the settings be saved (not just for the current session) so I don’t have to change them every time I log in?
    For instance, I’m not interested in Irish Races, Non-Runners or odds below 5.5 – so every day I have to tell the system this – it would “enhance the user experience” if I didn’t have to..
    Full marks for removing the need to click through all the races, though – much appreciated!


    • Hi Paul,

      When we built the software we tried to include this, however the way it worked was that you could save settings but as soon as you logged out the save file disappeared. This is to do with the software being web based and not having a memory. So it wasn’t worth keeping this feature as you still had to change the settings on log in.

      Thanks, Steve

  2. The automatic selections is much better, now if these can be sorted by race time. IE earliest start time to latest start time then that would be greay

    • HI Graham,

      Thanks we’ve done a new update today, will see what we can do about sorting by time. At the moment you can do this in excel.


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